Refer to the operation manuals of the applicable products for basic operation and remarks of the projector. This document expects the readers who have basic knowledge about projector installation. After reading, please keep this document under care of the company which installed or adjusted the projector.

In this manual, the device name is written as listed below. If the function has difference by devices, the product name is written in the text.

  • Projector: NC3200/NC3200S-A/NC3240S-A
  • Lamp power supply: NC-32PS01/NC-32PS02 (option for the NC3200 series , and NC3240S series)
  • Signal input board or SIB: NC-80LB01/NC-80DS01
  • Media block or IMB: NC-80MB01
  • Multi-media switcher or MMS: MM3000B
usermanual_nc32xxs_v7_eUser manual – Ver.7 – EN
nc3200s_nc3240s_installation_e_02Installation manual – Ver. 2 – EN

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